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Servicing your business better

ACP is committed to developing new and exciting product ranges that are underpinned by both established and developed brands, to meet the requirements of our ever evolving retail industry, to provide retail solutions and to support our valued customers.

Servicing your business better

ACP has always strived to service its customer’s on site. It’s more advantageous for both parties to service you at your premises to ensure that we can service your business better and you can focus on your business operation.

ACP boasts a large mobile sales team throughout Australia and New Zealand that can service customers as regularly as required. Product showrooms located in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth provide a great location to attend product showings or simply just to discuss your product requirements for your business.

In 1996 Austwide pioneered our first computer based pictorial sales program. This enabled customers to be exposed to thousands of products in a short period of time. ACP works with customers to expand their product range to new heights.

ACP commenced direct marketing via retail catalogues on behalf of customers in 2010. Independent surveys prove that retailers that market their business on a regular basis will increase their customer base and average sales up to 100%. Initial results from activities last year prove that moving forward retailers should consider an ongoing marketing plan for their business as part of their overall business strategy. ACP will continue to work with all of its customers to provide the option of effective and affordable marketing solutions moving forward.

In 2010 Australian online retail sales grew at an unprecedented rate. This new generation of retail has taken many retailers by surprise. ACP recognizes that the provision of online retail services to retailers will provide incredible new sales opportunities to all retail industries. Within ACP’s commitment to its customers it is developing various online solutions for retailers to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to expand their business.

In 2011 ACP launched its latest version of Roadshow that provides customers with information about their previous purchases as well as a far improved stock selection experience. ACP is committed to leading the way by using the best technology available to streamline sales.

ACP Buy Online was created in 2012 to enable both existing customers and new customers the ability to order from our complete range online. Using our easy and efficient website assures existing customers of their current pricing structure whilst new customers can also enjoy substantial discounts if ordering in greater volumes.

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